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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a way that client and therapist can work together to identify where a person is in their life, where they want to be, and what it is that seems to be stopping them. This might be a person wanting to lose weight, someone wanting to be more confident, an individual wanting to boost their own healing response, for pain relief, anxiety relief, and as many other reasons as there are people.

A therapist does not tell you what to do. He or she will assist you to appreciate where you are right now in real terms, and help you to plan your voyage of transformation to the goals you have set yourself. Sometimes even knowing what your goals are can be a challenge, and your therapist will help you with this.

Once we agree what you want to change, we can look at different ways to help you to relax, to feel like you do during those moments when your mind is very focused, like when totally engaged in a film you might be watching.  That’s what is called a “trance”.

It is a heightened state of suggestibility that helps us tap into the resources hidden within you.  In that state we can try to change how you think or feel about certain things that are causing you problems, and identify tools and techniques to achieve your goals.  Like the ‘watching TV trance’, the ‘reading a book trance’, you can leave the trance we create any time you wish.  

We will have discussed beforehand the issues you would like to address and the trance is simply a way of recruiting your subconscious to work with you towards your goals. We will take as few sessions as possible to help you reach your goals, or to move along the path towards them.  As with the trance, you will decide when you feel you have reached a positive point from which you can go on alone.

Hypnotherapy is not simply the use of hypnosis.  It includes a range of techniques that might differ from therapist to therapist, based on their training, experience and personal preference.

At Fountain of Health, whilst we can offer you a range of treatments in isolation from each other within hypnotherapy the techniques might be drawn not solely from clinical hypnosis, but might include Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Therapy,  Emotional Freedom Technique, stimulation of Acupressure points, breathing and movement techniques from Chi Kung, and so on. The techniques offered would be relevant to the difficulties you attend with, and would be used only with your permission.

It needs to be mentioned that hypnotherapy is not a passive therapy; it is not something you turn up to and have ‘things’ done to you. It is a collaboration between your therapist and your self.

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