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Chinese Massage & Acupressure

Tui Na (to give it the correct name) essentially means to push and grasp, relating to the style of the massage.

The treatment can be carried out with the client clothed as long as the garments are light, loose, and with few seams.

Treatments can be given with client partly clothed where necessary (for instance when using certain oils, moxibustion, and so on)

So who attends for Chinese Massage?

A wide range of people enjoy the benefits of this ancient art.  Some attend for a ‘stretching out’, others for a stimulating, revitalising and re-energising massage. Yet other receive treatments to relieve aches and pains, or to help boost the body’s own healing process, and to provide relief from certain medical conditions and sports injuries.

With this therapy you can receive the massage passively, or you can participate more fully in the massage with imagery and visualisation, as well as homework techniques to perform between sessions.

You can find more details about the theory and techniques of Tui Na in the ‘Articles’ section of this site.

Chinese Massage & Acupressure can help:


Anxiety & nervousness


Nausea & vomiting (including travel sickness)

Pain relief (especially good for back pain)


Headaches & migraine






Generalised stiffness

A range of neurological conditions

And many more....