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One-Day Courses

Reiki Attunement to Levels 1 & 2. Reiki is a way of tapping into the energy of the universe and channeling it to promote healing in self or others. An excellent form of relaxation, capable of bringing peace and balance into one’s mind, body and spirit, and boosting the healing response. Depending on numbers this course may run over one or two days. For an individual, or two individuals, the course will be completed in one day. For three or above the course will take place over two days.

Please note that to take the level 2 course the individual must already be attuned and certified at level 1. Read more here.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a superbly effective approach to rapport, communication and personal transformation through understanding and influencing the greatest tool you will ever have - your mind. It offers robust skills that in turn offer wider choices to you in your life. Read more here.

The courses offered vary depending on the content. The proposed formats are:

Half- day technique-specific sessions

One- day introductory (basic theory and basic skill set)

One- day consolidation (building on the one-day with additional theory and intermediate skill set)

Two- day Practical NLP based on equipping delegates with robust skills and understanding in a very intensive weekend.

Self Hypnosis is a tool for tapping into the power of your subconscious mind and gaining its support in transforming your life, healing yourself, increasing your choices, and having greater control over your life and your destiny. Read more here.

One - day courses (two depending on numbers).

Guided Imagery for Health & Healing relates directly to self hypnosis and takes the subject far wider.  We will examine the theories, both ancient and modern, and learn a range of different techniques for utilising the power of the mind recruiting it in altering your physiology, boosting immune system, finding momentum towards goals, etc. Find related information here.

One- day course

Conquering Fear is a course focusing on anxiety, fears, and phobias. Centred mainly on the principles and techniques of NLP is also brings in elements from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acupressure and Chi Kung, relaxation and meditation. (See Articles for details)

One - day course

Coaching for the Life You Want examines how to take stock of where you are in your life, how to identify the less favourable aspects and reduce or remove them, how to identify what you do want, how to set goals, and how best to work towards them. This course brings in aspects of coaching and of NLP.

One - day course

Energy Healing takes us into the realm of ancient healing practices, shamanism, and quantum physics. There will be practical techniques involving the Chinese principles of Wei Chi (external chi projection) and pranic healing, as well as covering the principles of Reiki (but not attunement).

One - day course

Introduction to Tai Chi & Chi Kung explores the principles of Chinese Medicine, chi, meridians, and how movement, breathing and imagery relate to these. A short form will be taught as well as a sequence of chi kung exercises. A relaxing and yet energising practice, enhancing health and well-being. Read more here.

One - day course

Relaxation is a day for those wanting to learn a number of different techniques for reaching the state of relaxation. There will be physical and mental techniques, static and moving, all geared to enable one to relax quickly and effectively. Not only does relaxation combat stress, but it also supports the healing response of the body and mind.

One - day course

Meditation & Mindfulness brings us into the present moment and explores the ways in which not being present actually removes us from the experience of living. There will be several practical meditations as well as techniques to bring into every-day life. Relieve stress, improve health, and find yourself with more time on your hands than ever before.

One - day course

Managing Chronic Back Pain teaches a range of physical and mental techniques for relieving back pain, improving posture, improving self awareness, relaxing, and regaining control of your life. Different techniques will suit different individuals and their specific problems, but there will be techniques and solutions to suit everyone.

One - day course

Managing Arthritis teaches a range of physical and mental techniques for relieving pain, as well as coping strategies for coping with daily living tasks, and gentle exercises that may relieve symptoms. Different techniques will suit different individuals and their specific problems, but there will be techniques and solutions to suit everyone.

One - day course

Disability Solutions for the Home Environment is a course designed mainly to assist service providers in up-skilling their staff. The course will cover analysis of activities, implications of impairments and disability, and adaptive solutions for the environment.

One - day course (can be expanded to two days depending on requirements, i.e. Current level of knowledge of delegates)

Massage & Acupressure for Health covers basic massage techniques and a range of acupressure points that can be used safely with a range of conditions, and also ensuring that attendees are aware of the contraindications for their use. Read more here & here.

One - day course